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New York (AirGuide - Airline News Asia / Pacific) Jun 6, 2010

Angry passengers attack China airport staff Passengers furious about delays last month at a major Chinese airport vented their frustration by attacking about two dozen employees, state media said Thursday. Torrential rain in the southern city of Guangzhou in May wreaked havoc on flight schedules, triggering 35 incidents at the Baiyun airport, which left 23 employees with minor injuries, the Guangzhou Daily said. "June and July are also prime months for rainstorms in Guangzhou, and Baiyun airport hopes that passengers who encounter flight delays will be calm and reasonably cooperate with the airport's work," the newspaper said. According to the report, airport workers said flight delays had increased from previous years due to rainstorms, and so passengers' aggressive behaviour had also increased. Jun 3, 2010

Air China, Airbus Air China has conducted a validation flight to the new Ali Kunsha Airport in western China's Tibetan Autonomous Region, Airbus said Friday, in preparation for the site's opening. It operated the flight with an Airbus A319 twin-jet. The aircraft used a required navigation performance (RNP-AR) procedure to carry out the approach to the airport which is located at an elevation of 4,274m (14,022ft). The high-altitude airport is expected to be opened officially for operations "soon," the manufacturer noted, adding that "CAAC has decided that the A319 will be the first aircraft to fly to and from" the facility. Ali will become one of the highest airports in the world served by commercial aircraft. "The route to and from Ali spans a sparsely populated plateau at an altitude of up to 5,000 m.and mountains over 7,000 m.high," Airbus said."The weather conditions in the area...[require] the precision and reliability enabled by the RNP navigation technique, allowing pilots to land the aircraft in conditions that would otherwise require them to hold, divert to another airport, or even to cancel the flight before departure." May 31, 2010

Air India Express, Boeing Air India Express is investigating an incident in which a Boeing 737-800 experienced a sudden loss of altitude mid-flight. The aircraft was operating from Dubai to Pune on 26 May when it "lost some height", says the carrier, adding that there were no reports of injuries. Some local media reports say the aircraft plunged more than 4,500m (15,000ft), but the airline denies this. Jun 1, 2010

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