Airline News - Africa / Middle East.


Mar 24, 2008

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is to introduce four weekly flights from Vienna to Jeddah on August 18 and three weekly services to Riyadh - the Saudi capital - from August 19. The routes will be the first to offer travellers the new Premium Service product in Business Class - Business Sleeper Seats will provide 116cm (46inches) of legroom, optimum seat incline, electronically adjustable back and foot rest and an integrated massage function. Other features include an integrated PC power point and personal privacy screen. Mar 18, 2008

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines said that the first authorized mobile phone call made from a commercial flight occurred Mar. 20 aboard one of its Airbus A340-300s flying at 30,000 ft. en route from Dubai to Casablanca, marking the launch of its $27 million program to equip its fleet with the AeroMobile system that will allow passengers to use their own cell phones in flight. Emirates said it has spent 18 months working with regulators and telecommunications providers across the globe, so that it could become the first airline to allow passengers to use mobile phones. It said a Boeing 777-300 will join the A340-300 very shortly in having an in-operation AeroMobile system and other aircraft in its fleet will be equipped gradually. The service will be activated when equipped aircraft are at cruising altitude, Emirates said. The AeroMobile service will allow passengers to send and receive text messages as well. All phone and text charges will be "in line with premium international roaming rates," the carrier said. "Users will be billed on their regular phone bills by their own service providers as with any other...

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