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Feb 25, 2008

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al To Increase Fares, Fuel Surcharges. El Al Israel Airlines said on Tuesday it was increasing fares by 3.5 percent due to the weak dollar and high oil prices. Israel's flag carrier said in a statement fuel surcharges would also increase by between USD$5 for short haul flights and USD$16 for long haul routes, effective February 26. Fuel is one of the airline's major expenses. At the same time, much of El Al's expenses are in shekels while revenue is largely in dollars. The shekel so far in 2007 has appreciated about 7 percent against the US currency to near a 10 year peak after a 10 percent gain last year. El Al on January 1 raised ticket prices by at least 4 percent to compensate for the weak dollar against the shekel. Feb 20, 2008

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways will suspend its thrice-weekly Paris Charles de Gaulle service on Feb. 26 owing to a plunge in...

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