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Sep 8, 2008

Air Arabia

Air Arabia will launch four-times-weekly Sharjah-Nairobi service on Oct. 26. Sep 3, 2008

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines said on Sunday it would cut its fuel surcharge by 20 to 30 percent on all flights starting October 19 due to the decline in oil prices in recent weeks. El Al said it would lower the charge despite last week's increase in the price of oil. The reduction in the fuel surcharge will range from USD$40 roundtrip in economy class for short-distance flights to USD$100 for long-haul routes. Fees in business class will also drop. El Al raised fares and fuel surcharges numerous times in 2008, with the last increase coming in July during the peak summer season. Sep 21, 2008

Emirates Airlines

Emirates, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Panasonic Avionics Corp. said they have introduced DVD-quality MPEG-4 digital audio and video media on the Panasonic eX2 IFE system. Panasonic said past IFE systems have used either the higher-compression, lower-quality MPEG-1 or the low-compression, DVD-quality MPEG-2 standards, forcing airlines to choose between larger libraries of lower-quality media or smaller libraries with higher quality. The MPEG-4 standard supports a DVD-quality picture with file sizes similar to MPEG-1, which allows airlines to carry greater quantities of video with higher picture quality while consuming less space and bandwidth and loading much faster during monthly updates, the company said. EK will show its first movie with the new system on Oct. 1. Sep 15, 2008

Emirates Airlines

Emirates said yesterday that its new service from Dubai to Los Angeles and San Francisco, scheduled to start Oct. 26 and Dec. 15 respectively, will operate initially on a thrice-weekly basis rather than daily as planned owing to delayed delivery of a 777-200LR caused by the Boeing machinists' strike. Emirates already has pushed back upgrading its Dubai-JFK A380 service from thrice-weekly to daily on Oct. 1 because of an unexpected delay in receiving its second A380. Sep 12, 2008

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines...

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