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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Africa / Middle East) Jun 27, 2010

Expect more attacks in U.S., says Times Square bomb plotter. Faisal Shahzad on Monday pleaded guilty to planting a car bomb in Times Square and warned that authorities should expect more attacks in the future. Shahzad, calling himself "a Muslim soldier," told a federal judge, "We will be attacking the U.S. ... It's a war. ... I am part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing Muslim nations and the Muslim people." Jun 22, 2010

Filmmaker will release a documentary on the TSA. Fred Gevalt was just minutes from landing at New York LaGuardia when the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place, and his brush with tragedy gave him a special interest in efforts to prevent such attacks. For nearly four years, Gevalt has been working on a documentary film about the Transportation Security Administration, featuring interviews with employees, politicians and more. On July 1, Gevalt will start distributing "Please Remove Your Shoes," which asks viewers to assess whether they are safer in the air today than they were before 9/11. Jun 22, 2010

British Airways, Boeing South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority has praised the airmanship of British Airways Boeing 747-400 pilots who battled to prevent a low-altitude stall after the leading-edge slats unexpectedly retracted during lift-off from Johannesburg. At 167kt on the take-off roll, fractionally below rotation speed, all the leading-edge slats inboard of the engines on each side automatically retracted, after receiving a spurious indication of thrust-reverser activation. As the aircraft tried to climb out from Tambo International Airport, known for its 'hot and high' environment, the jet lost a "significant amount of lift", says the CAA, and the stick-shaker immediately engaged, warning of an approaching stall. Instead of following the typical climb profile, the first officer - whose aerobatic experience meant he was familiar with buffet - controlled the aircraft through the stall warning and buffeting by executing a shallower climb, while the commander supported the manoeuvre by calling out heights above ground. The slats stayed retracted for a total of 23s. They started to redeploy 7s after the jet became airborne - as the undercarriage was retracting, at a height of 56ft - and were fully extended 9s later. The stick-shaker, which had activated intermittently over a 15s interval, stopped as the airspeed rose to 186kt. In its inquiry report...

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