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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Africa / Middle East) Apr 11, 2010

Canadian travelers will be allowed to carry two pieces of luggage For the first time since a Christmas Day bombing attempt against a commercial jetliner, Canadian travelers will be allowed to carry two pieces of luggage aboard U.S.-bound flights. The one-bag rule was imposed after stricter screening led to chaos in Canadian airports. Since that time, however, the government has hired additional screeners and committed $11 million to installing full-body scanners in airports. The Canadian travel industry expressed support for the revised policy. "With this change, now the rules for carry-on are the same regardless of where you are flying to, which should simplify things for passengers," said a spokeswoman for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. Apr 8, 2010

More travelers are being caught up in a airport security process As the federal no-fly list grows following the Christmas Day bombing attempt on a U.S. airliner, more travelers are being caught up in a process they complain is murky and secretive. Officials insist secrecy is needed to keep terrorists from beating the system, but critics charge the government is using terrorism fears to deny due process. One lawsuit upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is shedding some light on the watch lists -- including the role of independent contractors in deciding who is allowed to fly. Apr 7, 2010

Transport Security Administration (TSA) has paid attention to passengers from 14 countries Since the Christmas Day bombings, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) has paid particular attention to passengers from 14 countries of OconcernO who have had to undergo further security scrutiny. Now it appears that this screening will be dropped to allow the TSA to select passengers based on intelligence which includes physical descriptions, watchlist names, and travel patterns. US officials confirmed that it would abandon screening based on nationality. Apr 7, 2010

African Airlines African Airlines Assn. stated its "concern" over the EU's latest blacklist, noting that the list of airlines banned from European airspace for safety reasons heavily penalizes Africa-based carriers. The 13th update of the list was announced late last month. AFRAA said "13 of the 17 countries affected by the EU ban are from Africa, with a total of 111 African airlines 'blacklisted' . . . Air safety is AFRAA's number one priority and we are the...

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