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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Africa / Middle East) Oct 16, 2011

Airline industry ramps up efforts to develop biofuels. Airlines around the world are expected to burn up to 220 million tons of fuel this year, generating 650 million tons of carbon emissions. The industry is working harder than ever to develop biofuels as the price of fuel remains persistently high and volatile, while pressure mounts to reduce emissions. Six airlines have tested biofuels on some passenger flights, and officials say that trend will continue. "The most significant leap forward in the industry's environmental performance in the coming years will be the commercial use of sustainable biofuels," predicts Tony Tyler, the former CEO of Cathay Pacific. Oct 10, 2011

AOptix Technologies, Emaratech Biometrics Innovator AOptix Signs a New Strategic Middle East Partnership. AOptix Technologies, Inc. (AOptix), a leading developer of advanced biometrics-based identity solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Emaratech, a major regional system integrator for Government, Border Control, Aviation Security and Electronic Identification Systems and the sole creator and provider of smart and electronic border control gates in all of UAE airports, Sultanate of Oman, Sultan Qaboos airport and Jordan Queen Alia airport. Exhibiting at GITEX Technology week in Dubai, October 9th [ETH] 13th attendees are getting a first look at the new AOptix InSight[umlaut] Duo [ETH] the worldOs first system capable of simultaneous ISO standards-compliant iris and face capture. Combining the ubiquity of face and the proven accuracy of iris together in one system, the InSight Duo is particularly well suited to high throughput immigration and aviation security applications requiring the performance and versatility of both biometrics. Well known for their InSight family of 2 meter stand-off iris recognition systems, AOptix is also demonstrating its InSight Iris Recognition e-Gate solution for high throughput, high security applications. By combining the InSight iris recognition system with an optical barrier and barcode reader, the InSight e-Gate requires only the swipe of a boarding pass and a brief glance at the InSight system to securely authenticate a travelerOs identity in seconds. With a growing demand for proven, accurate, high-throughput iris recognition systems, AOptix will continue to support system integrator partners such as emaratech with some of the most innovative...

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