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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Airline News Africa / Middle East) May 29, 2011

El Al Israel Airlines, Boeing A Boeing 777 operated by Israeli carrier El Al made an emergency landing at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport today, after the aircraft was forced to return to the Israeli city due to problems with its landing gear. The aircraft had taken off on a flight for Newark Liberty airport with 279 passengers on board when it had to turn back after flight crew discovered problems with the aircraft's landing gear, said reports. The 777 dumped fuel over the Mediterranean Sea before it landed safely at Tel Aviv, where emergency crews were waiting, the reports added. May 23, 2011

Emirates Airlines Germany will not grant Middle Eastern carrier Emirates rights to service additional cities within the country, the latest development in a spat over access to German-Gulf routes. There is no need to extend the existing bilateral air transport agreement between Germany and the United Arab Emirates, said a German transport ministry spokesman. This agreement limits the airline's number of landing points in Germany to four. Emirates would be free to add Stuttgart and Berlin, said the spokesman, but would then need to give up two of its existing destinations. He added that the arrangement is based "on the size of the mutual home markets". May 23, 2011

Kenya Airways Effective June 19, Kenya Airways will commence twice-weekly flights on Sunday and Wednesday to NOdjamena in Chad via Cotonou, Benin. This 54th destination overall has reaffirmed Kenya...

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