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New York (AirGuide - Airline In-Flight Services News) Sep 22, 2013

Food trucks rev up for cellphone lots at airports Food trucks are parking in cellphone waiting lots at several airport across the U.S. "Airports have recognized that their cellphone waiting lots have great customer-service potential," said Deborah C. McElroy, the interim president of Airports Council International-North America. The food truck trend started at Tampa International Airport in Florida in 2012. Sep 18, 2013

Air Canada Air Canada has been named Canada's favourite airline for business travel in the Ipsos Reid Business Traveller Survey. Air Canada was preferred by 81 per cent of Canadian frequent business travellers surveyed for 2013, an improvement of 12 percentage points in Air Canada's ratings in the national survey over the past five years. "Air Canada is proud to be named Canada's preferred airline by our most discerning customers -business travellers. This year's Ipsos Reid Business Traveller Survey confirms that Canada's frequent travelers recognize Air Canada as their preferred airline by a growing margin - the widest margin versus our domestic competitors since 2008," said Ben Smith , Air Canada's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. "Air Canada's year-over-year increases in ratings underscore our commitment to continued improvements in our products, including new and refurbished aircraft and Maple Leaf Lounges, improved priority airport services and on-board service enhancements for the comfort and convenience of our customers. In addition, our efforts to improve On-Time Performance are succeeding with increases of 30 per cent over last year achieved in the past two quarters. On behalf of our 27,000 employees worldwide, we would like to thank our customers for having voted Air Canada Best Airline in North America for the past four years and assure them we remain focused on earning their loyalty as North America's only international four-star airline." Sep 16, 2013

Delta Air lines Delta invests in in-flight entertainment . Mike Henny, director of customer experience for Delta Air Lines, says the carrier will continue to invest in in-flight entertainment options that customers want. "When you are sitting on a plane for several hours at a time, being able to see the latest movies that were in a theater several weeks ago is a big deal. In the grand scheme of things that's something we do view as worthwhile," said Henny. Sep 18, 2013


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