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May 14, 2007

Lower oil prices cause airline stocks to soar Easing oil prices have helped lift airline stocks, which showed improvement on the market Monday. Jet fuel is one of the top expenses for the airlines, making airline shares very sensitive to crude swings. May 8, 2007

Airlines support replacing outdated ATC funding system The airline industry supports a new cost-based funding mechanism for updating the nation's aging air traffic control system. "Our position is that we've got this funding system that made sense when it was designed in the '70s, when the industry was fully regulated, but doesn't make sense now," Air Transport Association President and CEO James C. May said. Today, corporate aviation and other private aircraft consume a greater percentage of the nation's air traffic control services than when the funding system was put in place. May 7, 2007

Major airlines were in danger Monday of losing ground on fare increases that they attempted over the past week, as the carriers tried to navigate through weakening demand for air travel. May 7, 2007


Aeroflot this week confirmed that it achieved a RUB7.98 billion ($309.4 million) profit in 2006, a figure nearly identical to a third revision reported last month and representing a 32.3% increase from 2005 earnings of RUB6.03 billion. "Reliability of annual financial statements is confirmed by the conclusions of the auditing commission and corporate auditor," SU said. Revenue rose 13.5% to RUB71.35 billion on an 8.7% gain in passenger numbers to 7.3 million. Pre-tax profit climbed 36.7% to RUB11.43 billion. May 11, 2007

Air Canada

Air Canada adopts innovative approach to sell travel in bulk Air Canada now sells bulk travel at a fixed price. For example, one traveler paid the airline $6,858 for 20 flights between the U.S. and Canada, and the bulk purchase allows that passenger to book a trip just one hour before flight time. Observers note that U.S. carriers are reluctant to adopt Air Canada's approach because of the financial risks. May 7, 2007

AirTran Holdings

Midwest Defends AirTran Rejection, AirTran Vows to Close Deal The head of Midwest Air Group Inc. on Wednesday defended its board of directors' decision to reject escalating bids from rival AirTran Holdings Inc., even as that company's president vowed to see a merger through. May 9, 2007

American Airlines

American Airlines Federal Credit Union (AA Credit Union) unveiled cent$ -- a new, quarterly, custom financial education and lifestyle magazine -- at an invitation-only launch event attended by several AA Credit Union Board and Supervisory Committee members and management staff from AA Credit Union, American Airlines and AAP Custom, a division of American Airlines Publishing. AA Credit Union has partnered with AAP Custom to publish the magazine. May 10, 2007

American Airlines

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