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Oct 2, 2006

Pilots urge Congress to raise retirement age. Some airline pilots are urging lawmakers to lift a rule that forces them to retire from commercial flying at age 60. The pilots say the retirement age should be raised to 65. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says there is no scientific evidence that would cause the FAA to reconsider the current age limit. A bill raising pilots' retirement age to 65 is pending in the Senate. Sep 27, 2006

American Airlines

American says terror plot will hurt revenue. American Airlines says the foiled London terror plot will hurt mainline revenue for August and September by more than $50 million. Airline officials are still trying to determine the incident's long-term effects. American attributed the decline in revenue primarily to its trans-Atlantic routes. Sep 26, 2006


Comair pilots had time to spot error, NTSB says. The National Transportation Safety Board says the pilots of the Comair flight that crashed in August in Lexington, Ky., after taking off from the wrong runway had a few moments to notice the error. The plane paused for 45 seconds at a spot that was on the way to both the wrong runway and the correct runway. Sep 26, 2006


Comair prepares to bid on Delta feeder routes. Comair next week will submit a bid to feed traffic to Delta Air Lines' mainline operations. Comair managers say the airline's ability to offer a competitive bid depends on whether it wins concessions from its unions. Comair CEO says costs are too high to win bid. Comair President Don Bornhorst says the airline's labor costs are too high for it to submit a competitive bid to provide regional jet service to Delta Air Lines. Bids must be submitted by Monday. Sep 25, 2006

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines signed a five-year, $258 million contract with the US Postal Service to carry priority, first class and express mail within the US and Puerto Rico. "We have made substantial investments in our postal facilities, employees and technology," said VP-Cargo Jack Boisen. Sep 27, 2006

Continental Airlines

Continental wants to stay independent, CEO says. Continental Airlines is in good shape to remain independent, Chief Executive Larry Kellner says. The airline plans to expand its capacity between 5% and 7% each year. Kellner notes Northwest Airlines owns a share of Continental that would allow it to block a Continental merger with another carrier. Sep 27, 2006

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines said it lost...

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