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Oct 4, 2009

Aviation and shipping should cut their respective carbon dioxide emissions to 10 and 20 percent below 2005 levels over the next decade, the European Union is likely to propose at global climate talks this week. EU diplomats said the cuts might be linked to a tax on fuel to generate billions of dollars of revenues to help poor countries cope with climate change -- a key contribution to finding a global climate deal by December. "We are concerned about the slow international negotiations and are keen to shift gear," said an EU diplomat involved with the proposal. "This is a concrete measure from the EU side in order to contribute to this step-up." After fine-tuning the proposal, the EU will present it at a meeting in Bangkok where climate negotiators from up to 190 nations will try to revive momentum towards a deal to replace the Kyoto Protocol from 2013. Aviation and shipping are not covered by Kyoto, the global climate change treaty agreed in 1997. Britain, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and most eastern European states have already indicated support for a cut of 20 percent or more to shipping emissions, compared to 2005 levels, according to a document seen by Reuters. But seafaring nations including Malta, Cyprus, and Spain favour easier reductions. There is also debate over the base-line year. Sep 28, 2009

Air Europa

Spanish airline Air Europa is to strengthen its UK team as sales and traffic on its new London route continue to improve. Colin Stewart, Air Europa's UK general manager, said his three-man commercial team was stretched and would need to grow in order to target both business and leisure customers. Mr Steward told ABTN his ultimate goal would be to follow the example set by other Air Europa offices which have grown their teams in line with demand. "They have people focusing on business, people focusing on leisure and others focusing on groups. That's ultimately where I want to go, but that will take time and we're monitoring that," Mr Stewart said. Mr Stewart said that he was also looking to move the team's headquarters in the coming months though nothing has yet been confirmed. He said the team would naturally be reviewed during this "period of transition". Month-on-month sales on the London Gatwick-Madrid route have improved since it began in March this year. But Mr Stewart admitted that the winter months ahead would be hard for Air Europa, Spain's second largest airline, and the industry as a whole. Sep 28, 2009

Airbus, Singapore Airlines

Airbus parent EADS CEO Louis Gallois told Reuters yesterday that the company has been in discussions with Singapore Airlines about pushing one of the carrier's A380 deliveries from December to January, which would lower the manufacturer's 2009 A380 delivieries from 14 to 13. Sep 30, 2009

American Airlines

American Airlines and fellow OneWorld alliance partners British Airways and Iberia face fresh European Union antitrust hurdles as they look to extend their pact to include coordinated schedules and prices. The airlines had planned to deepen the pact to take advantage of the U.S./EU "Open Skies" agreement, with the focus on routes between the United States, Mexico, Canada, the EU, Norway and Switzerland, but European Union regulators said the latest plan may violate antitrust rules on restrictive business practices. Alliances are seen as a lucrative alternative to mergers and large-scale investments. The three carriers have applied for U.S. government antitrust immunity for their transatlantic pact. The European Commission, which in April launched a probe into both the three Oneworld members and the Star Alliance, made up of Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa and United Airlines, said it had sent a charge sheet to the three Oneworld members. Oct 2, 2009

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines Group is increasing the number of potential layoffs as a result of its acquisition by Lufthansa. CCO Andreas Bierwirth told the Austrian Press Agency that "the total workforce could be reduced to 6,000" by the middle of next year, as opposed to the originally planned 6,500. "In several areas, it is necessary to reduce the workforce more than planned." As many as 300 of those jobs could come from Austrian's Vienna maintenance operation. "AAG has to operate profitably when ticket prices are down," Bierwirth said. Sep 28, 2009

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa

Austrian Airlines Group said it will present its "Austrian Airlines Next Generation" plan on Oct. 6 in Vienna. "We'll announce the concept and strategy for how the company will be integrated into Lufthansa, where help is needed from...

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