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Dec 31, 2007

Europe charges more carriers with price fixing. The European Union on Thursday charged three more airlines with violating competition rules. Regulators in the U.S. and in Europe are investigating several airlines for possible collusion on fuel surcharges in their cargo business. Dec 28, 2007

AEA secretary general Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus said: [sup.3]The most effective way to reduce emissions without impacting traffic is to implement a Single European Sky. An efficient organisation of European airspace would enable airlines to avoid emitting 12m tonnes of CO2 per year. It requires a political will and vision, and we are disappointed that the Environmental Council did not explicitly support us on this.[sup.2] Commenting on the inclusion of aviation in the Emissions Trading Scheme, aviation lobby group FlyingMatters director Michelle Di Leo, said: "This is very good news. The European scheme is a key step in the direction of the ideal: a fully international scheme. We want to see this delivered in a way which encourages improved environmental performance in aviation and generates a positive response from the rest of the international community.[sup.2] The changes will now be debated by Parliament. Dec 24, 2007

Air France KLM

Air France KLM Chairman and CEO Jean-Cyril Spinetta said the company's hope is that Alitalia "shares the benefits of the profitable growth strategy successfully implemented by Air France KLM," and he reiterated that "it has never been our intention to make Alitalia a regional [or feeder] airline, but on the contrary to strengthen its role as the Italian national flag carrier and to win back its natural market share." Both Air France KLM and Alitalia said maintaining the Alitalia brand is an important component of their plans. Alitalia said the Air France KLM plan calls for [euro]6.5 billion ($9.33 billion) in long-term investment (including a [euro]750 million capital increase), a level of job cuts consistent with its own turnaround plan, long- and short/medium-haul fleet renewal, "major upgrades" in cabins and inflight services, emphasis of Rome Fiumicino as Alitalia's principal hub and "the preservation of an adequate coverage of the Italian market and an appropriate level of service offered at national, international and intercontinental levels alike." Dec 24, 2007

Air France KLM, VLM Airlines

Air France KLM buys VLM. Business carrier VLM Airlines, has been bought by Air France KLM. In a deal that...

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