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Mar 22, 2009

Indian airlines carried 3.3 million passengers on scheduled flights last month, about level with January. Kingfisher Airlines led with 904,000 (27.1% market share, 74.3% load factor), followed by Jet Airways at 597,000 (17.9%, 68.7%) and Air India at 574,000 (17.2%, 66.3%). Mar 17, 2009

Positive signs are emerging that air services liberalisation initiatives in Southeast Asia are more than just empty promises, with Indonesia and Singapore reaching a new air services pact that removes protectionist policies barring low-cost airlines from key routes. Indonesia had for several years maintained controversial restrictions on low-cost airlines from Singapore serving four destinations, namely Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya. It readily admitted that the restrictions were designed to protect flag carrier Garuda Indonesia from new competition. The removal of these restrictions was seen by many as a test case for Southeast Asian nations' promises to liberalise air services policies, and Indonesia has now come through with a new agreement with Singapore. Mar 16, 2009

Air India, Star Alliance

Air India is now expected to join the Star Alliance in the first quarter of 2010, one year later than its scheduled plan for entry in March 2009. While Star Alliance and Air India signed a non-disclosure agreement last year, the compliance is yet to be done. According to an airline official, the basic coordination between Air India and erstwhile Indian Airlines (now under the Air India banner) is proving to be a harrowing experience as [sup.3]it is not clear who has to do what.[sup.2] Air India has been in the process of merging with Indian Airlines for the past 18 months and was expected to conclude the integration by the end of 2008 and join Star at about the same time. Mar 18, 2009

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand asked the High Court to forbid the New Zealand Commerce Commission from withholding evidence in litigation concerning air cargo price-fixing. ANZ has protested its innocence and last year claimed NZCC was "grandstanding to justify its existence" after announcing plans to bring charges against it and 12 other carriers. Yesterday, ANZ General Counsel John Blair said, "It is extremely disappointing that Air New Zealand has had to resort to unnecessary legal action to stop Commerce Commission tactics clearly designed to hinder the airline's defense." He said ANZ has "no issue" with the investigation and agrees that price-fixing "should be prosecuted," but said NZCC has ignored ANZ requests to present evidence that the airline was in breach of the law. Mar 20, 2009

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand endorsed a government proposal to subsidize one work day over a two-week period to help national businesses through the economic downturn. CEO Rob Fyfe said ANZ would embrace the aid if it is forced to reduce capacity further and consider redundancies. Mar 16, 2009


Eight years after founding AirAsia as a short-haul low-cost carrier the group's chief executive Tony Fernandes has achieved another business dream: launching a long-haul, low-cost carrier. With advertising in London that proclaimed AirAsia X as the "world's first long-haul, low-cost, less-squeeze airline", its first service between Kuala Lumpur and London Stansted touched down in mid-March. When he began...

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