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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Airline Finance News Asia / Pacific) Oct 23, 2011

Number of first-class tickets relates to business travel, group says The number of first-class tickets purchased on airlines globally grew 2.3% on a year-over-year basis in August, but dropped from July numbers, an industry group says. The number of first-class tickets usually is related to the number of business travelers, the group says. Oct 21, 2011

Air Astana Air Astana named Kales Airline Serves as its European Cargo GSSA. Oct 18, 2011

Air Lease Corporation Air Lease Corporation Announces Additional Acquisitions and Lease Placements. Air Lease Corporation (ALC) announces continuing lease placements and acquisitions of 12 additional aircraft. OALC remains focused on growing our global customer base by providing customized fleet planning solutions for each of our airline partners. These lease placements illustrate our continued progress towards achieving ALCOs goal of 100 aircraft in our fleet by the end of 2011,O said Marc Baer, Executive Vice President of ALC. ALC has concluded the following lease placements from its order book: [yen]One new Airbus A330-300 leased to Asiana Airlines (Korea). [yen]Two new Boeing 737-800s (MSNs 41299 and 41300) leased to Korean Airlines. [yen]Two new Embraer 190 LRs leased to Aeromexico. [yen]One Boeing 737-800 (MSN 37772) leased to Air Berlin. ALC has additionally acquired the following aircraft: [yen]Two Airbus A320-200s (MSNs 4681 and 3203) leased to Vueling (Spain). [yen]One Airbus A330-200 (MSN 1016) leased to Avianca (Colombia). [yen]One Airbus A330-200 (MSN 456) leased to Thomas Cook (United Kingdom). [yen]One Boeing 737-800 (MSN 33027) leased to Gol Airlines (Brazil). [yen]One Boeing 737-700 (MSN 30279) leased to Southwest Airlines. Oct 17, 2011

Air New Zealand, ATR Air New Zealand orders 7 ATR 72-600s. Air New Zealand (NZ) has ordered seven ATR 72-600s, plus five options, in a deal worth USD270 million at list prices. Deliveries will begin in October 2012 and are expected to be completed by 2016. NZ operates 11 ATR 72-500 aircraft through its subsidiary carrier, Mount Cook Airline. WednesdayOs announcement effectively doubles the airlineOs ATR fleet, if all options are exercised. NZ CEO Rob Fyfe said the carrier needs to expand its fleet Onot only to add frequencies on existing routes but to step up from smaller aircraft types.O He said the airline believes the ATR 72-600 is the Omost cost-effective, environmentally conscious and customer-friendly aircraft available in its market segment.O Oct 20, 2011

Air New Zealand, ATR Air New Zealand has ordered seven ATR 72-600 aircraft, with options for another five, to boost its domestic regional connections. The first of the 68-seat turboprops will be delivered in October 2012, followed by a second in December that year, two in 2013 and one each year for three years after, said the Star Alliance carrier. The purchase options can be exercised for delivery between 2014 and 2016, it added. The list price for the aircraft is $270 million, said Air New Zealand. Oct 19, 2011

Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia Air New Zealand increased its stake in Virgin Australia last month to cement their alliance and prevent other foreign airlines from disrupting their plans, says its CEO Rob Fyfe. In September, the Star Alliance carrier said it had reached an agreement to pay up to Australian dollar (A$) 32.8 million for a maximum 5% stake in the Australian carrier. This will lift its holding to at least 19.99% from the 14.99% it bought in January. The two airlines received approval to start their trans-Tasman alliance in late 2010, allowing them to operate joint flights and share revenues on the services between Australia and New Zealand. They also have a codeshare agreement for domestic services, giving them a network comparable to the dominant player Qantas Airways. Fyfe said that after evaluating options for expanding its reach in the Australian market, Air New Zealand decided that the alliance with, and investment in, Virgin Australia was its best move. Oct 18, 2011

AirAsia Bureaucratic hurdles have scuppered Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia's plans to bring its franchise to Vietnam via a joint venture with start-up airline VietJet Aviation. AirAsia's agreement in February 2010 to buy a 30% stake in VietJet and begin low-cost domestic and international services has lapsed and will not be renewed, the airline said in a stock exchange statement. Regulatory approval from the Vietnamese government for VietJet to use the AirAsia brand across its commercial operations was not forthcoming, among other issues, it added. Oct 12, 2011

Amadeus, IdeaWorks Airline ancillary revenue soars to USD$32.5 billion worldwide in 2011. Ancillary revenue has become a crucial component in the global airline industryOs profit toolbox. The International Air Transport Association slashed its 2011 industry profit outlook to $USD billion and revealed that carriers will spend USD10 billion more on jet fuel this year. The USD32.5 billion contributed by ancillary revenue has lifted the airline industry from a loss-making position and continues to provide a very effective hedge against runaway fuel bills. Earlier this year, Amadeus and IdeaWorks reported the ancillary revenue disclosed by 47 airlines in 2010. These statistics were applied to a larger list of more than 200 airlines to provide a truly global projection of activity for 2011. The Amadeus Worldwide Estimate of Ancillary Revenue for 2011 is the second year Amadeus and IdeaWorks have undertaken the task of calculating global ancillary revenue activity. OAs ancillary revenues continue to grow rapidly, we are now seeing increasing interest from full service carriers around the world, which are also starting to implement ancillary services through global distribution systems, such as Amadeus. KLM and Iberia, for instance, have just joined the ranks of carriers implementing the Amadeus Ancillary Services solution for travel agencies. The model is now focusing on services that increase the scope of the product offering and reinforce the brand rather than unbundle the ticket price,O said Holger Taubmann, VP Distribution, Amadeus. The IdeaWorks analysis reveals natural groupings (or categories) based upon a carrierOs ability to generate ancillary revenue. The Opercentage of revenueO results associated with four defined categories were applied to a worldwide list of operating revenue disclosed by 203 airlines.2 The following describes the four categories: [yen]Ancillary Revenue Champs. These carriers generate the highest activity as a percentage of operating revenue. The average achieved by this group was 19.8%, which is slightly up from 19.4% for 2010. Examples include AirAsia, Aer Lingus, easyJet, Ryanair and Spirit Airlines. [yen]Major US Airlines. US-based majors generate strong ancillary revenue through a combination of frequent flier revenue and baggage fees. The average for this group was 11.9%, which is a sizable increase above the 2010 rate of 7.2%. Examples include Alaska, American and United. [yen]Low Cost Carriers. LCCs throughout the world typically rely upon a...

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