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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Airline Finance News North America) Jun 3, 2013

A4A: FAA-imposed flight delays should not count against airlines Airlines for America and the Regional Airline Association asked the Department of Transportation to exclude April flight delays due to federal furloughs of air traffic controllers. The airlines said the delays should be excluded because flights were "delayed for a specific and unique government cause." May 31, 2013

Global air traffic rose in April, IATA says Global air traffic increased in April, boosted by passenger demand in emerging markets such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia, according to the International Air Transport Association. "Passenger demand continued to grow in April, extending the positive trend that has been developing since late 2012," said Tony Tyler, IATA director general and CEO. May 31, 2013

5 ways to give criticism more effectively It's tough to give criticism in ways that don't simply cause the target of your feedback to shut down and stop listening, writes Kevin Daum. To criticize people more effectively, pick the right setting and moment, be clear about what you're trying to achieve, and do your best to set out the problem clearly and let the person recognize what's gone wrong. May 31, 2013

U.S. airline employment down 2.7% in March U.S. airlines employed 380,325 people in March, a 2.7% drop from March 2012 numbers. Airline employment was little changed from the previous month, as airlines employed 380,159 in February. May 31, 2013

A4A: Flight delays caused by furloughs should not count Airlines for America and the Regional Airline Association asked the Department of Transportation to exclude April flight delays due to federal furloughs of air-traffic controllers. The airlines said the delays should be excluded because flights were "delayed for a specific and unique government cause." May 31, 2013

Court approves FAA-American Airlines settlement A U.S. bankruptcy judge approved a $24.9 million settlement between American Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration over alleged safety violations. American spokesman Paul Flaningan said the agreements allow the carrier to "take another step toward a more seamless integration with US Airways." May 31, 2013

Column: 6 activities to keep morale high Mike Marchev offers six motivational activities, such as thanking a key client and praising a star employee, that can help keep spirits up in the workplace. Staying busy with these activities also can help fight off the negative mood that commonly crops up this time of year, Marchev writes. May 31, 2013

Small-business savvy: Tips from the experts Plan ahead, create the right culture and grow the right leaders: Those are the three pieces of top advice that business experts have for anyone running a small company. "I think the No. 1 advice I would give a small-business owner is to have a clarity of what you want to achieve. What are you trying to accomplish?" said Sudershan Shaunak, who directs the Small Business Development Center at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, Calif. May 31, 2013

Let social media feedback guide your business model Many companies incorrectly interpret complaints from social media followers as a problem inherent to social media instead of as a sign something is wrong with the business model, Carrie Kerpen writes. Using the problems that face flash sale sites as an example, she advises businesses to acknowledge issues to customers, respond quickly to complaints and use feedback from social media users to generate insights about the business. May 31, 2013

Column: Tips for benchmarking call conversion ratios Calculating for the reservations call conversion ratio allows hoteliers to gauge the effectiveness of their reservations call center or office, writes Doug Kennedy, president of the Kennedy Training Network. To ensure accuracy in computation and benchmarking procedures, hoteliers should use automated tracking systems or, if this isn't feasible, develop simplified data forms for manual collection, Kennedy writes. May 31, 2013

How to keep your customers satisfied It takes vision and a sense of corporate identity, not just technological or strategic fixes, to win over customers and earn their continuing loyalty, writes Brian Solis. "The future of business starts with defining the desired customer experience you want people to have when they think of your brand and when they use your product," Solis writes. May 31, 2013

Airline satisfaction is up, J.D. Power says Customer satisfaction with North American airlines has improved to its highest level since 2006, according to J.D. Power & Associates. The overall passenger satisfaction rose to 695 this year, a 14-point increase from 2012. May 30, 2013

Good CEOs think strategically, says A.G. Lafley CEOs need to master the art not just of strategy and execution, but also that of integrated and intellectually honest strategic thinking, writes returning P&G chief A.G. Lafley with Roger Martin and Jennifer Riel. "[E]very CEO should internalize the need to make every choice -- from aspiration through management systems -- part of an overarching, integrated strategy," they write. May 30, 2013

What leaders can learn from pilots The skills pilots need to deal with any situation that could occur in the air could also be transferred to organizational leadership, says Dr. David Vance. "[P]ilots live in a culture keenly aware of risk assessment and management, while pursuing the central mission, which is flying the plane," he writes, and says organizations need good pilots. May 30, 2013

FAA asks pilots to commit to safe flying In an open letter to members of the general aviation community, Administrator Michael Huerta of the Federal Aviation Administration asked pilots to make a personal commitment to safe flying. The letter suggested a number of steps pilots can take toward safety, including brushing up on their skills with an instructor and communicating with other pilots about safety. May 30, 2013

3 tips for an effective advertising strategy If you use ad templates, it's wise to customize them to explain what sets your business apart, Robert Moskowitz writes. "Your prospects and customers need to understand exactly what you're offering, why it's so great, and how to reach you when they're interested," he writes. Include a clear call to action and keep tabs on how many people are seeing your ads. May 30, 2013

Survey: Complexity seen as persistent challenge to Big Data adoption

Businesses are optimistic about emerging solutions that offer a window of insight into complex data sets, but less than a quarter of respondents to a recent poll characterized their own Big Data initiatives as "successful." According to Kapow Software, which conducted the survey with IDG Research Services, the problem is that Big Data tools are still too costly, too complex and too unpredictable to guarantee a return on investment. The message, analysts say, is that Big Data tools needs to evolve to become more user-centric and targeted toward business users that have little or no IT experience. May 30, 2013

How to innovate like an entrepreneur You don't have to be an entrepreneur to be innovative, writes Mark Hopkins in this book excerpt, but it helps if you can bring an entrepreneurial awareness of risk and opportunity to your daily work. "Whether you want to succeed within a large organization or take the entrepreneurOs path, you want to be ... one of the people who are skilled at seeing the opportunities to provide a better solution," he writes. May 30, 2013

The 6 ingredients of successful innovation and collaboration Successful innovation requires value-focused, customer-centric thinking delivered through a collaborative business model, writes Mario Martinez II, CEO and founder of 360 Vantage. "By combining and connecting resources and people, collaboration drives innovation, tests weaknesses, builds strengths and matures teams to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible," he writes. May 30, 2013

Sales Officially Launched for Routes CIS 2013 Over 200 Route Development Professionals expected to attend 3rd Routes CIS Event Routes CIS is the only route development forum for the entire CIS region and the 2013 event, which will take place on 21-23 July, will be hosted by Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport. Taking place at the Shaktar Plaza Hotel, the largest hotel in Donetsk, the event is expected to attract around 250 air service decision makers from across the CIS region. Routes CIS offers the region's airlines and airports, as well as those from outside the region with an interest in increasing air connections to the CIS countries, the perfect platform to do business and...

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