Aircraft News October 2005.


Japanese engineers have tested a small, unmanned model of a supersonic passenger jet in Australia. The 38-foot model reached a speed of Mach 2, or about 1,350 mph, and officials said the test went as planned. This is a second attempt. The original prototype crashed in 2002. Japan hopes its plan to build a supersonic jet will push it to the front of the global aircraft industry. A supersonic passenger jet could be flying again by 2025. Oct 24, 2005

Technology to detect wake vortexes could boost runway capacity. A Connecticut company is developing new technology to help air traffic controllers determine how close airplanes can safely follow each other. Giant laser "ears" can find the airplanes' wake vortexes -- horizontal tornadoes near each wingtip. Flight Safety Technologies is testing its system now and hopes to have it in place by next year. The system would tell controllers when the wake vortex is not dangerous, which could boost runway capacity by 20%. Oct 11, 2005

Japan tests supersonic model in Australian outback. Japanese engineers tested a small, unmanned model of a supersonic jetliner Monday in Australia. The 38-foot model reached a speed of Mach 2, or about 1,500 mph, and officials said the test went as planned. Japan hopes its plan to build a supersonic jet will push it to the front of the global aircraft industry. It hopes to have a supersonic jet flying by 2025. Oct 11, 2005

Concorde crash investigators are examining a former Aerospatiale engineer as part of their case looking into the causes of the Air France tragedy five years ago. The engineer is the latest person to be investigated, following the announcement that Henri Perrier, former head of the Concorde program, was being examined along with Continental Airlines. The Concorde crashed shortly after take off from Paris De Gaulle Airport killing all 109 people aboard and four people in a hotel. Oct 24, 2005

Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer, will source half its components from suppliers outside Europe to cut costs and increase global reach, it announced. Main beneficiaries will be China, Russia and Japan. Airbus, owned 80% by European aerospace giant EADS and 20% by the UK's BAE Systems, is outsourcing about 20% of components for the A380 to non-European companies. Oct 31, 2005

Airbus is hoping for at least three new customers for its A380 next year. Chief executive Gustav Humbert said two or three new customers during 2006 would be good, on top of the three secured this year - China Southern Airlines, India's Kingfisher Airlines and freight carrier UPS. Airbus has so far received 159 orders for the aircraft from 16 customers. A second A380 has been tested, while the first has completed more than 100 test flights. Oct 24, 2005

Second Airbus superjumbo jet starts testing. A second A380 superjumbo jet took off on its maiden flight Tuesday from Toulouse, France. The plane will test its four Rolls Royce engines, systems and materials. Airbus said it will test three more planes for cabin comfort, noise levels and alternative engines. Oct 19, 2005

Airbus parent to build part for Boeing 787. The parent of European jetmaker Airbus will build a key part of the rear fuselage of Boeing's 787 jetliner. European Aeronautic Defence & Space will build the plane's aft pressure bulkhead, a structural wall at the rear of the passenger cabin. Boeing outsourced the work to Vought Aircraft Industries, which included EADS among its second-tier suppliers. Oct 18, 2005

Airbus A380 prototype MSN001, is to fly from Toulouse to Frankfurt for airport compatibility verification tests at the end of this month and then visit Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane during the first half of November, finishing up at the Dubai air show which starts on Monday 21 November. The visits, which mark the first time that the Airbus A380 will be seen outside Europe, will give customers a chance to see the aircraft at first hand, and airports an early opportunity to check their preparedness to handle it in commercial service. The tests at Frankfurt will include taxiing around the airport, docking at a terminal and checking passenger boarding bridge positioning. They will also demonstrate ease of access for servicing vehicles, such as catering trucks, cargo-loaders, fuel bowsers and water servicing - both individually and together, as they would be positioned during an aircraft turnaround. MSN001 is presently a pure engineering aircraft, its cabin fitted with extensive flight-test instrumentation, measuring equipment and ballast tanks that can be filled with water to simulate the weight of a full load of passengers and cargo. Oct 17, 2005

Airbus takes superjumbo jet on the road. Jetmaker Airbus will take its A380 superjumbo jet on its first tour outside of Europe. The jet will fly to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the first half of November and visit the Dubai Air Show in the second half of the month. Oct 14, 2005

European aid for A350 escalates trade dispute. Revelations...

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