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Apr 7, 2008

Senior FAA officials will testify about the agency's role. They will also address allegations the FAA has become cozy with airlines and assertions the system that allows carriers to self-report maintenance problems is open to abuse. Southwest and FAA personnel involved in the matter in Dallas, where the airline in based, have been removed from their jobs. Sturgell said a sweeping FAA safety review of airline compliance with inspection orders, that began after the Southwest incident, found a handful of discrepancies that required further investigation. He would not describe the problems or identify the four airlines still being probed. Apr 2, 2008

Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) inspectors have begun work at the scene after a Cessna Citation 500 twin-engine jet crashed March 30 into a house in the UK residential area of Romsey Close, in Farnborough, Kent. The aircraft went down shortly after take-off from Biggin Hill airport - about 2.5mi (4km) to the north - and all three passengers and two crew were killed. Nobody on the ground was reported injured. Another pilot taking off from Biggin Hill heard the Cessna crew radio to the tower that they were [sup.3]going down[sup.2] and described how he then saw the aircraft [sup.3]drop out of the sky.[sup.2] A woman resident in the area said she saw [sup.3]two balls of black smoke - you could smell the fuel, and the ambulances were on site quite quickly.[sup.2] Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs, Borough Commander of Bromley, told press in Farnborough this morning that the next of kin of four of the deceased had been informed and Family Liaison Officers appointed. An AAIB spokeswoman said: [sup.3]Our inspectors are on the scene and investigating all aspects of the accident. It is not possible to speculate on the cause at this stage. A Cessna spokesman said: [sup.3]It is a matter for the AAIB at this stage - we are fielding a team of engineers to support them in their work. Biggin Hill[sup.1]s statement read: Thousands of flights are in the air over Europe and in and out of London everyday and 7% of them are business aviation flights which have an excellent safety record, on a par with scheduled airline services. Recovery services will be at the site for several days, and residents of Romsey Close are staying with friends, family or in local hotels as it could be some time before they can return to their homes. Mar 31, 2008

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