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Sep 3, 2007

Air travel is notoriously dangerous in Africa, where large swathes of airspace are not covered by radar and aging planes suffer from lack of maintenance and spare parts. The continent accounted for 18.5 percent of fatal airliner accidents last year, despite having only 3 percent of global flight departures, according to AirGuide and AirSafe's Air Safety. More at Aug 27, 2007


Cargo Plane Crashes In Congo, 13 Killed. An Antonov plane carrying tin ore crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff in eastern Congo on Sunday, killing 13 people on board, but a young man and a baby boy survived, officials and residents said. The Russian pilot tried to return to Kongolo in Congo's mineral-rich Katanga province after developing engine problems, but the plane crashed short of the runway, Jean-Claude Kapange, the local head of the Interior Ministry's national information agency said. The pilot and two more Russian crew were among the dead, Kapange said. Aug 27, 2007


The Antonov cargo aircraft that crahed was flying cassiterite and other valuable minerals exploits desperately poor local people who work in treacherous mines for low pay and can fuel instability and violence as businessmen and militias vie for control of resources and revenues. Mineral flights have also sparked safety concerns. Local authorities suspended cassiterite flights to Goma from another mining area in North Kivu, Walikale, in June due to safety concerns for the planes, which land and take off on a stretch of road while a proper air strip is being built. Aug 27, 2007


The crahed Antonov cargo plane had been on its way to Goma, the main city in North Kivu province, with around 9 tonnes of cassiterite (tin oxide) and other minerals. Goma is a transit point for many mineral exports from eastern Congo. He said a search was continuing in the forest to locate the bodies of the pilot and a woman. Congo's mineral riches were a catalyst in the country's devastating 1998-2003 war, which drew in half a dozen African armies and spawned a host of local rebel groups and ethnic militias, some of whom still terrorize villagers in the east. Aug 27, 2007

EgyptAir, Airbus

EgyptAir signed a contract for five firm A330-200s plus three...

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