Airbnb offers free lodging to stranded travellers after travel ban.


The latest executive order issued by US President Donald Trump on 27th January, has managed to create a state of chaos and mayhem amongst those, who have nowhere to go and are stranded in the soil of the United States. As per the executive order, the travellers and refugees from Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Sudan are banned to enter US for 90 days, which forced numerous travellers to be stranded at various airports in the country.

Right after the announcement was made, a number of technology firms based in the US, expressed their concern over the ban. In order to ease the travel chaos, the chief executive of Airbnb, Brian Chesky announced that Airbnb will provide accommodation to the stranded travellers, absolutely free of cost.

The chief executive stated that the move to ban all the travellers was 'not right' and he also informed via the social media platform 'twitter', that any traveller, who got stranded due to the ban and who urgently needs a place to stay, must contact him directly.

According to Brian Chesky, not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right and they must stand with those who are affected due to the ban.

Apart from Airbnb, several US technology firms including Netflix, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc expressed their concern regarding the travel ban as most of those organisations hire skilled...

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