Air Transport News.


Sep 3, 2007

Satellite system could alleviate gridlock in the air. Many of the air delays passengers are grumbling about could be alleviated with a system-wide upgrade to satellite-based air traffic control. "We're operating old, 1960s' technology, and you can't just keep patching it up," says FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. "You're going to have to make a total switch in the system." The cost of the switch is an estimated $20 billion. Aug 29, 2007

Airlines, passengers natural allies in FAA reauthorization battle. The contentious congressional reauthorization of the FAA has airlines and the Air Transport Association lining up support and finding natural allies in commercial passengers. Passengers "are affected two ways," says James May, president and CEO of the ATA. "They are the ones that have to suffer through these delays, and they are also the ones who are directly subsidizing corporate aircraft, who are using this system at a very significant discount." Aug 28, 2007

ATA official talks to Public Radio about planned upgrades. The Air Transport Association's John Meenan talks with Marketplace radio host John Dimsdale about the planned $15 billion upgrades to the nation's air traffic control system and how it will be funded. "The business aviation community, which now constitutes 17% of the cost of the system, is only paying about 7% or 8%. We want to pay our share, but we think others ought to pay their fair share, too." Aug 28, 2007


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