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Dec 18, 2006

UK Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander's report follows the conclusions of a major transport review earlier this month by former British Airways chief Rod Eddington backing a big airport expansion. But green activists said that with passenger numbers expected to more than double to 490 million a year by 2030 it would be impossible for the government to meet its target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2050. At the predicted rate of growth, aviation would account for half of Britain's carbon emissions by 2050. Dec 14, 2006

IATA estimates that the current proposal to bring aviation into the EU Emissions Trading Scheme would cost the industry [euro]2.9 billion ($3.84 billion) in 2011, the first year in which aviation would be included, and even more in subsequent years. The figure represents a 5% increase to the cost of a gallon of fuel at today's prices. The outspoken IATA boss reiterated his belief that if airlines are going to be billed for emissions, "then governments must ensure that we can fly as efficiently as possible. Let's see a government commitment to a Single European Sky and the 12 million tonnes of CO2 that it would allow us to save." Bisignani also slammed the scope and timing of the EU proposal, of which only a draft version has been leaked so far. "Kyoto recognized that global guidelines would be needed...and we have been working on guidelines with ICAO with a target of September 2007...We must have global guidelines that don't distort competition." Dec 14, 2006

EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini said he asked the US government for clarification after a description published last month in the US Federal Register about its use of the data had raised concerns among lawmakers and privacy rights groups on both sides of the Atlantic. Dec 13, 2006

EU yesterday reached an expanded aviation services agreement with Morocco, announced new negotiations with Ukraine and referred Greece to the European Court of Justice. The deal with Morocco, signed by EU VP-Transport Jacques Barrot and Moroccan...

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