Air Transport News.


Dec 11, 2006

US Congress yesterday passed legislation to create a federal Interagency Aerospace Revitalization Task Force charged with reversing the US's decline in aviation manufacturing workers. According to the Aerospace Industries Assn., which lobbied for the bill's passage, there is an "ominous shortage [of] younger, technically skilled professionals in the aerospace industry." Average age of aerospace manufacturing workers in the US now exceeds 50 and 27% of the workforce will become eligible for retirement in 2008, AIA said. The Senate easily approved the bill, already passed in the House, and it now goes to President Bush for expected signing into law. It directs 11 federal agencies, led by the Dept. of Labor, to form a task force to develop strategies to expand public and private aerospace job training programs. "It's hard to overstate how important this bill is to the aerospace industry and our nation's security and economic health," AIA President and CEO John Douglass said. Dec 8, 2006

EU May Try New Approach To Aviation Pact With US. European ministers may demand the European Commission make fresh proposals to solve an impasse with the United States over an aviation agreement after Washington dropped a key element, EU President Finland said on Thursday...

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