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Aug 6, 2007

Delays highlight need for modernized ATC system. It's become an all too familiar situation: Weather keeps planes on the ground, connections are missed and passengers are inconvenienced. Travelers may blame the airlines, but it's not that simple. "You have an air-traffic control system that is essentially based on World War II-era technology. So when you have thunderstorms, it's like putting glue in the system," said a spokeswoman for the Air Transport Association. Aug 3, 2007

New ATC system key to higher passenger satisfaction. The nation's outdated air traffic control system is making it harder for commercial airlines to satisfy their customers. A dependable system that can handle more traffic would keep travelers moving toward their destinations, rather than cooling their heels at airports. Having corporate jet owners' fees reflect their actual use would help -- under the current system, commercial passengers are subsidizing control services for those snazzy private jets. Aug 3, 2007

US Air Transport Assn. pushed Congress yesterday to develop a new FAA funding system based in part on a per-passenger tax related to number of departures and distance flown, which airlines insist would be far more reliable than the current ticket price-based fee system. Aug 1, 2007

Delta Air Lines

Industry leaders tell Congress of fair funding plan for ATC upgrade. Air Transport Association President and CEO James May and...

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