Air Transport News.


May 28, 2007

Air Line Pilots Assn. announced that its executive board voted by an 80% margin to end the union's "longstanding" support for US FAA's Age 60 retirement rule "In the face of concerted efforts to change the rule in Congress and the FAA, the ALPA executive board directed that union resources be committed to protecting pilot interests by exerting ALPA's influence in any rule change," the union said. Among those interests are prevention of pilots hired after the age of 60 from receiving credit for prior seniority or service, liability protection for airlines and unions, opposition to additional age-related diagnostic medical testing and opposition to enforcing the ICAO one-pilot-must-be-under-60 standard on domestic flights, among others. May 25, 2007

The U.S Department of Transportation and China's Civil Aviation Administration today enacted an agreement that will more than double to 23 the number of daily passenger flights between the two countries by 2012. May 23, 2007

US Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee last week approved the FAA reauthorization bill proposed earlier in May by Aviation Subcommitt. The legislation provides $65 billion to fund the agency through 2011 and also would establish a $25-per-flight surcharge to help fund air traffic control modernization. The bill additionally includes "passengers' rights" provisions, namely a requirement that airlines provide passengers on ground-delayed aircraft with food, water and access to restrooms. But the committee did not include a controversial time-limit requirement, against which airlines have lobbied, that would mandate that carriers allow passengers to leave aircraft that...

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