Air Transport News.


Oct 9, 2006

European and US negotiators were unable to reach a deal to replace current arrangements before they expired last Saturday regarding the supply of personal records . The 25 nation EU had wanted simply to roll over the old agreement on a different legal basis, but Washington demanded wider access to the data for counter-terrorism purposes. Air traffic has not been affected so far but the industry is concerned about the impact of a prolonged legal void. Senior EU diplomats said Brussels would yield to the US request to make it easier for more agencies to have access to the data sent to US border and customs services. But it wants to ensure the data protection safeguards included in the cancelled accord are reintroduced and extended to any new agencies covered in any future accord. Oct 5, 2006

Mary Peters was confirmed over the weekend as Secretary of Transportation by the US Senate. She succeeds Norman Mineta, who stepped down last...

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