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Canada, U.S. await DOT decision on antitrust immunity. Canada continues to postpone implementing an open skies agreement with the U.S. until the Department of Transportation approves antitrust immunity for Air Canada and United Airlines. American Airlines is objecting to the proposed antitrust agreement. The U.S. and Canada hope the DOT makes a decision in the next few months. Sep 8, 2006

EU, U.S. discuss passenger data agreement. EU and U.S. representatives on Thursday began discussing a new agreement on sharing passenger data. The EU's top court struck down a previous agreement on procedural grounds. EU officials want to include privacy safeguards to prevent passenger profiling in any new agreement. Sep 8, 2006

Bush nominates former highway official Peters as Transportation Secretary. Mary Peters, a former director of the US Federal Highway Administration, yesterday was nominated as the next US Transportation Secretary by President George Bush. If confirmed by the Senate, Peters will replace the retired Norman Mineta, who left his post in July after more than five years on the job. FHA head from 2001 to...

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