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UK Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee yesterday called for heavier taxation on airline tickets to slow the growth of air travel and therefore its impact on the environment. "The government has no excuses for not raising air passenger duty," the committee stated, while also calling for a slew of other charges including differential landing fees based on aircraft fuel efficiency. "The government has the power to increase taxes on domestic flights: It should do so and as soon as possible," EAC wrote, adding that bilateral agreements should be negotiated so "additional taxes" are levied on international flights. These new taxes are necessary because based on current growth, aviation's share of UK CO2 emissions will soar from 5% currently to 24% by 2050. The committee said demand for flights should be managed to limit growth "to no more than the rate at which the industry improves its fuel efficiency, currently some 1%-2% a year." It also urged the Dept. of Transport to "rethink" its aggressive airport expansion policy, saying the aviation industry can only be allowed to grow "within strict limits." Aug 8, 2006

Since the US House was already in summer recess, even a slight change to the legislation by the Senate would have stalled it until fall. So senators agreed to pass it in its current form, voting 93-5 to change a frayed system that has left federal pension insurer Pension Benefit...

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