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Australia and the UK have come to an agreement at government level to eliminate restrictions on airline operations between the two countries. The new deal, signed last week is immediately effective. Airlines from both countries are not now restricted regarding intermediate points except that Qantas does not have traffic freedoms in China and the USA, the UK airlines are already limited to bilaterals. Qantas says that it does not plan to increase flights from its current 28 in each direction per week, BA has not commented, and Virgin is increasing its Hong Kong schedules for the winter which will give marginal opportunities in terms of through seat availability. It is unlikely that further UK/Oz airlines will come on the route, which is already well served by carriers based at intermediate stops, all with long range aircraft either already in their fleets, or on order. Jul 7, 2006

US Dept. of Transportation proposed Wednesday to revoke antitrust immunity from tariff-coordination meetings organized by IATA to set passenger fares and cargo rates for flights from the US to Europe and Australia. DOT said it has legal authority "to approve agreements involving international air transportation and to grant them antitrust immunity" and to revoke that immunity when necessary. It said the antitrust withdrawal proposal was made "in an effort to enhance competition and provide lower fares for consumers flying internationally." Interested parties may file objections to the tentative decision within 45 days. A final decision in the matter is likely by year end. Jul 7, 2006

Algeria and Canada concluded their first bilateral air accord, allowing access to airlines from both countries, according to...

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