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Apr 2, 2007

Privacy experts criticize U.S.-EU data-sharing deal European privacy experts criticized the terms of data-sharing agreements between the U.S. and EU at a hearing organized by the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. They note that the list of data included in the agreements does not meet the requirements of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU data-protection Directive. Mar 29, 2007

Open skies doesn't go far enough: The current open skies agreement does not go far enough, the Los Angeles Times editorial board writes. The board notes the agreement allows U.S. airlines to fly within Europe, but does not allow European airlines to fly within the U.S. Congress should agree to a more sensible aviation policy, the board writes Mar 26, 2007

US State Dept. lauds open skies pact, agrees to delay, second phase Hailing the new EU-US open skies agreement as "a harbinger of further liberalization," the US Dept. of State last week signaled that the Bush Administration is prepared to sign the deal on April 30, that there will be no congressional opposition and that late European conditions regarding delayed implementation and second-stage negotiations are acceptable. Mar 26, 2007

European transport ministers, in addition to approving the EU-US open skies agreement last week, established an "equalization mechanism" or fund to ensure airlines launching new services over Siberia do not gain competitive advantage over those currently paying overflight charges. Last fall Russia agreed to phase out the charges by 2013 and said carriers starting new services before that date would be exempt . The regulation will apply from Sept. 1, the EU said, and will require all...

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