Air Transport News.


Mar 12, 2007

Passenger group asks Congress to end subsidies to corporate jets A consumer advocate group for airline passengers asked a Senate panel this week to change the air traffic control system to end what it calls subsidies for corporate jet travel. In a letter to the Senate Aviation Subcommittee for a Thursday hearing on the FAA budget, Air Travelers Association President David Stempler said, "Corporate executives, entertainers, real estate moguls and other fat cats have been getting a free ride from airlines passengers for over 25 years and this must stop." Mar 9, 2007

Open skies pact does not include emissions scheme provision, DOT says The proposed open skies agreement does not include a clause forcing U.S. airlines to participate in the European emissions trading scheme, a DOT spokesman says. The DOT says the EU and the U.S. have different positions on climate change and that the agreement indicates their intent to work together on the issue through ICAO. Meanwhile, U.K. officials have criticized the open skies agreement, claiming that it favors U.S. airlines. Mar 7, 2007

Pressure mounts for airlines to curb emissions Concerns about airline emissions are growing in the EU and the U.S. The EU recently raised taxes on air travel in an attempt to curb emissions, and the tax affects U.S. carriers flying to the EU. The Air Transport Association says EU proposals requiring emissions trading violate international law. ATA is working with the International Civil Aviation Organization to find constructive solutions regarding aviation emissions. Mar 6...

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