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Jan 22, 2007

US and EU met for two days in Brussels last week "in a friendly and positive atmosphere" after which they reaffirmed their interest in reaching an open skies agreement and agreed to meet in Washington the week of Feb. 5 "to identify areas where improvements might be made." In a statement signed by delegates representing both bodies, the EU reiterated its "deep regret and disappointment" over the US Dept. of Transportation's decision to withdraw its proposal to ease foreign control restrictions over US airlines. Jan 15, 2007

EU, U.S. make little progress on open skies, new talks set for February. Negotiators for the U.S. and EU will meet again next month to discuss an open-skies agreement after making no breakthroughs at talks this week. The talks were the first since the U.S. withdrew a tentative agreement the two sides reached in 2005. Jan 12, 2007

EU, US Discuss 'Open Skies'. European and US negotiators made no breakthroughs to advance a stalled "open skies" aviation pact this week and will meet again next month, the two sides said after two days of talks ended on Thursday. Jan 11, 2007


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