Air Transport News.


IATA director general and CEO Giovanni Bisignani was the guest speaker at the Aviation Club last week. In a robust and thoroughly entertaining speech, he attacked European mainland airports for their double-digit charge increases between 2001 and 2004 - Paris airports +44%, Stockholm +35%, Amsterdam +34%, Munich +26% and the Spanish airports +24%. Manchester and Birmingham both came in for praise reducing costs per passenger by 38% and 13% respectively. The diminutive and highly experienced Italian noted that IATA was taking the French government to court and asking for a European directive on the efficient National Regulation of Europe's airport monopolies. He also debunked some persistent myths, noting that domestic aviation was included in the Kyoto agreement and that air transport contributes only a small part of global CO2 emissions at 2%. He pointed air transport also supports 8% of the global economic activity, fuel efficiency has improved 20% over the last decade and when it comes to paying tax on fuel, he highlighted that airlines pay when they land, when they fly and when they park, a totally different scenario compared with road and rail transport...

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