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British aviation lost two great men in the last week. Peter Masefield and James Gilbert, both known on a personal basis by your editor, both superb raconteurs, fine writers and good company. Sir Peter Masefield (91) listed the Bristol Aeroplane Company, BEA and BAA amongst his achievements. He was a pilot, more in the tradition of the self-taught, a worker in the diplomatic field, but not necessary a diplomat in the wider sense, and a great source of knowledge. James Gilbert (70), "Mr. general aviation", editor for 30 years of the magazine Pilot and in his case an outstanding flyer. Each wrote some fine books. Masefield "To Ride the Storm" about the R101 airship disaster in 1930 and Gilbert the delightful "The World's Worst Aircraft". Gilbert's book did cover the R101 and also the pre-Masefield Bristol Brabazon. One wonders if they ever discussed it. We shall never know. Feb 19, 2006

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise

The day before the opening of Asian Aerospace in Singapore, the Gulf Emirate of Dubai has announced government backing for a new investment vehicle to channel US$15bn into creating a global aerospace manufacturing and services corporation. Dubai Aerospace...

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