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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Air Transport & Government News North America) Jun 16, 2013

NTSB wants wind-test towers marked, registered As the wind-energy industry grows, the towers it uses to evaluate the potential of sites for power generation pose a growing hazard to aviation, the National Transportation Safety Board said, issuing six safety recommendations to stakeholders. Citing three fatal accidents in which aircraft collided with meteorological evaluation towers (METs), the NTSB said the time has come for all such towers to be registered, marked, and lighted where feasible. Jun 15, 2013

Surf Air Receives FAA Approval; Private Air Travel Service Ready to Embark on a Revolution The highly anticipated membership-based private air service, Surf Air, today announced the receipt of its FAA Operating Certificate and a B round of funding led by Velos Partners and Base Ventures. Funding will enable Surf Air to grow its expanding team of industry-leading pilots and customer care associates and scale for future growth. "The current airline industry is flawed and bogged down by bureaucracy and red tape -- it's begging for disruption and innovation, especially when it comes to business or commuter-style air travel," said Jared Reitzin, CEO of MobileStorm, Inc., and potential Member. "Surf Air is the first emerging company I've seen that truly gets and marries simplified travel and an enhanced customer-centric experience." Starting June 12, Surf Air will introduce its Founding Members to a new, convenient and affordable way of air travel between the Los Angeles metro area and San Francisco Bay Area. For a nominal monthly fee, Members will have access to unlimited monthly intrastate flights and guest passes, exclusive member events and access to the first-class members-only concierge service. "As investors we try to back smart founders pursuing bold ideas," said Erik Moore, early investor in Zappos and founder and managing director of Base Ventures. "It's clear that people are craving a service like Surf Air based on the number of people who have signed up for membership at the concept stage and well before the service was available." Surf Air plans to expand its routes in the coming months. For more information visit us at, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Jun 15, 2013

6 questions to answer when building an organization Organizations should be structured in ways that allow them to respond quickly and effectively to new and unforeseen circumstances, writes Alan S. Gutterman. That means working to anticipate contingencies and designing your organizational structure with your goals and your customers' needs in mind. Jun 14, 2013

Approval of 787 "quite robust," say FAA, Boeing Boeing and aviation regulators in a Capitol hearing this week said that despite problems with batteries on the plane overheating and catching fire, the certification process, which includes outsourcing some review to the manufacturer, was "quite robust." Since the incidents, which grounded the fleet, Boeing has changed the battery system and the planes are now flying again. Jun 13, 2013

Dreamliner is Good to Keep Going, FAA and Boeing Tell Congress USA Today and other sources are reporting that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing officials spoke to The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's Aviation Subcommittee on June 12, telling members that safeguards that Boeing developed for the 787 Dreamliner lithium-ion battery will work to keep flights and passengers safe. FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Peggy Gilligan testified at the hearing on "lessons learned" from the battery recertification, Laura J. Brown, FAA spokesperson told Mike Sinnett, vice president of engineering and chief project engineer on the Dreamliner also testified.

"We believe that this is a demonstration of a system really working well," Gilligan said. "The reality is these are complicated pieces of equipment and things will go wrong, but we need to make sure the plane can land safely and that's what we did." "Our designs feature multiple layers of protection and redundancy of critical systems so that no single component failure of combination of failures [ETH] even extremely remote [ETH] can endanger an airplane," Sinnett said. "Flying is as safe as it is because industry and government work together day in and day out." The hearing was not a "report" to Congress and the information...

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