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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Air Transport & Government News Europe) Aug 28, 2011

Boeing is ready for FAA to declare 787 safe for passengers The Federal Aviation Administration is expected today to declare Boeing's 787 Dreamliner safe for carrying passengers, allowing the company to make its first delivery. The aircraft, made mostly from lightweight composites, is expected to raise the bar for passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. "It's momentous. A few years back no one thought this day would come," said Alex Hamilton, managing director at EarlyBirdCapital. There's "one step left and that's delivery," he said. Aug 26, 2011

Airlines urged to gear up for Simplified Interline Settlement. News from Travel Technology Update: The latest initiative in IATA's drive to take costs and complexity out of the airline industry is slated to go live next month, but an alarming number of carriers are unprepared, according to Neela Bhattacherjee, head of Kale Consultants' airlines strategic business unit. The Simplified Interline Settlement program aims to dispense with the 160 tons of paper invoices and supporting documents that are shipped annually among airlines around the world each year to support the industry's interline billing and settlement process. Instead, electronic billing files will be submitted and processed in a way that avoids duplication and minimizes the need for reconciliation with individual revenue accounting systems. SIS will deal with both passenger and miscellaneous settlement. Kale is the prime technology supplier for the development of the SIS platform. IATA is aiming for 100% compliance, with all IATA Clearing House transactions processed through SIS, by April 2013. Bhattacherjee said the move was similar to the migration to electronic ticketing several years ago. In some cases, she said, small carriers may be dealing with a mere handful of interline invoices each month and can continue to process them outside the system. But the vast majority of airlines will need either to make changes to their in-house legacy revenue accounting systems or, if they are using a third-party system, ensure that it is SIS-compliant. Otherwise, Bhattacherjee said, they could be facing chaos. SIS will ease the pain of trying to reconcile billing and settlement files and invoices. The separate systems used today N ARC Compass, IATA ICH, ATA ACH and other entities that make up the industry's alphabet soup N will be integrated with new systems...

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