Air Mobility Command (AMC).

Lt Gen Jon T. Thomas, USAF

Deputy Commander

CMSgt Terrence A. Greene, USAF

Command Chief Master Sergeant

Air Mobility Command (AMC), a major command headquartered at Scott AFB, IL, was created June 1, 1992. AMC provides Americas global reach. This rapid, flexible, and responsive air mobility promotes stability in regions by keeping America's capability and character highly visible.

AMC's mission is to provide rapid global mobility... right effects, right place, right time. The command enables humanitarian support at home and around the world. Mobility Air Forces Airmen--active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and civilians--provide airlift, aerial refueling, aeromedical evacuation and global air mobility support for all of America's armed forces. Many special duty and operational support aircraft and stateside aeromedical evacuation missions are also assigned to AMC.

United States forces must be able to provide a rapid, tailored response. A core competency of mobility air forces is rapid global mobility. This puts the "global" in the Air Force's global reach, global vigilance and global power. As the US winds down operations first in Iraq and now Afghanistan, AMC provides critical flexibility for US national security.

As US Transportation Command's air component, AMC is the single manager for air mobility.

AMC's mission encompasses nearly 112,000 active-duty and Air Reserve Component military and civilian personnel.

The command has one Numbered Air Force and one equivalent direct reporting Center. 18th Air Force is charged with tasking and executing all air mobility missions. Units reporting to 18th Air Force include all operational AMC wings and groups based in the continental United States. They are key to the execution phase of...

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