Air-gage-equipped, vertical CNC honing.

Position:Computer numerical control honing system - Brief article

Sunnen's SV-1005 series vertical CNC honing system is now available with an integrated air gaging system to provide closed-loop control of tool size, along with downloadable SPC data. Matched with Sunnen's diamond-plated CGT Krossgrinding tools or MMT TurboHone multistone mandrel, the air-gage-equipped machine can automatically control hole size to accuracies of 0.25[micro]m without operator intervention, working in a size range of 3mm to 65mm diameter. It is ideal for automated, high-Cpk production of small engines, hydraulic valves/bodies, fuel injectors, gears, compressor parts, turbocharger housings, and gun barrels, in medium and high volumes.

The SV-1005 matches an ultra-precise tool-feed system with CNC control to allow any CNC-experienced machinist to master honing quickly. Setup is simple with a three-axis hand wheel for fine tuning the tool...

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