Air France begins testing VR use inflight.


Air France is trialing the use of virtual reality headsets in-flight, allowing passengers to aAA*enjoy 3D and 2D films or series in their own private movie theatre in isolation from the rest of the cabinaAA[sup.1]. The trial is initially running on the carrieraAA[acute accent]s A340 flights between Paris CDG and St Martin, with four VR headsets available in business class, offering aAA*a selection of some forty films and seriesaAA[sup.1].

The trial is being carried out in partnership with San Francisco-based start-up Skylights, and Air France says it will be aAA*a valuable learning experience for the company and confirms the importance of improving the customer experience with original and innovative solutionsaAA[sup.1].

According to the Skylights website, the firm has also partnered with TGV France-Italy to allow first class rail passengers to use the headsets during their journey.

Skylights says that its headsets offer aAA*cinema field of viewaAA[sup.1] on an HD widescreen.The company was founded in 2015 by David Dicko, a former Air France executive and pilot, and Florent Bolzinger, a VR enthusiast.

Air France says that following the current trial period, the new system aAA*could be rolled out on other flights in the months aheadaAA[sup.1].


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