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Aug 27, 2007

TSA will allow cargo from certified shippers to pass without screening. The TSA will implement a program that will allow boxes sealed by government-certified shippers to be loaded on planes with no further screening. A TSA spokesman said freight "is inherently screened" if tamper-evident seals are intact when it arrives from a facility that meets federal security standards. Aug 24, 2007

ACT Airlines, Airbus

ACT Airlines, based at Istanbul Ataturk, signed an MOU for two Airbus A330-200 freighters, Airbus announced. ACT currently operates seven A300B4 freighters and will use the new aircraft for flights to Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. Aug 20, 2007

Aeroflot Cargo, Boeing

Aeroflot Cargo currently operates four McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 Freighters. In addition to these two McDonnell-Douglas MD-11s, Aeroflot-Cargo has committed to lease three more MD-11 Boeing Converted Freighters from the Boeing Capital Corporation within the 2007-2008 timeframe. Boeing Commercial Aviation Services will provide detailed engineering design work and oversight of the Aeroflot-Cargo conversions, with SASCO, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Aerospace, providing touch labor on the airplanes. In total, Boeing has converted more than 100 MD-11 passenger airplanes to freighters. Aug 23, 2007

Aeroflot Cargo, Boeing

Boeing is helping Aeroflot-Cargo improve its operational efficiency and adapt to growing cargo market demands by converting two MD-11 passenger airplanes into freighters and updating their flight deck features and cargo-handling system so that they are consistent across Aeroflot-Cargo's fleet. A converted MD-11 has a capacity of 205,400-pounds (93.2 tones) structural payload at a range of 3,486 nautical miles (6,456 kilometers) and is capable of 630,500-pounds (286,000 kg) maximum takeoff weight. The main and lower deck cargo compartments hold a total of 36 96-by-125-inch pallets or containers. Modification work will begin in November 2008. Aug 23, 2007

Atlas Air

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, a provider of global air cargo services, exercised options for 2,000 shares of common stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing...

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