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Jun 25, 2007

European Commission and US FAA unveiled a transatlantic emission-reduction initiative called AIRE (Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions), which EC VP-Transport Jacques Barrot said will "speed up the application of technologies and procedures having a direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions." AIRE will be based on "gate-to-gate" testing and experiments on such initiatives as continuous descent approaches, the EC said. Airbus, Boeing, Air France KLM, SAS Group, Delta Air Lines and FedEx are among those companies involved in the initiative. Jun 19, 2007


Airbus said on Tuesday it was unlikely to resume its suspended A380 freighter before 2015. "We will start it up later. Probably the middle of the next decade," Airbus sales chief John Leahy told reporters. Airbus had originally planned to build an A380 freighter soon after deliveries of the passenger version, but costly delays in the program and cancellations by customers such as United Parcel Service prompted the planemaker to temporarily shelve its freighter plans. Airbus has been hit by delays to its A380 superjumbo, which caused a dramatic slump in the 2006 profits of its parent company EADS. Jun 20, 2007


While we don't follow Federal Express, United Parcel Service is on our Buy List. UPS is the world's largest integrated air and ground package delivery service, operating in over 200 countries. Domestic parcel delivery volume is expected to increase this year. As important, international volume and pricing are improving in both Europe and Asia. Further gains are expected in Asia when the company brings a terminal in Shanghai on line which will allow the company to expand its intra-Asia business. The company recently completed major cost cutting measures in its supply chain management business which [a] will dramatically improve margins and [b] allow UPS to cross market it services. The company has grown its earnings and dividend in excess of a 15% pace since its founding; it has a 19-20% return on equity and a debt equity ratio of only 17%. Jun 21, 2007


FedEx is the leader in express transportation in China. We also lead in revenue in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. Jun 20, 2007


FedEx Corp. is expected to release below-estimates quarterly results on Wednesday, according to media reports. Jun 18, 2007

Great Wall Airlines

May load factor rose 2.4 points to 73.5% accompanied by a 19.4% increase in passenger numbers. Freight...

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