Air Cargo News.


Jun 11, 2007

Air France KLM

Air France KLM cargo traffic rose 0.1 percent as the load factor rose 0.4 points to 66.3 percent, the group said in a statement. Jun 7, 2007


AirAsia signed an MOU with GSA Leisure Cargo for the management of cargo operations on regional routes originating in Kuala Lumpur. AirAsia projects the deal will generate MYR1 million ($292,575) in revenue per month. Jun 8, 2007

BCI Aircraft Leasing, Boeing

BCI Aircraft Leasing acquired the first of three Boeing 737-300QCs that it had been leasing. The aircraft are on long-term operating lease to Europe Airpost. The other two will be purchased in the coming months. Jun 4, 2007


Boeing's Dreamlifter, the modified 747-400 freighter used to transport the major assemblies of the 787, received its type certification by US FAA. Part of the flight test program has been the delivery of major sections for the 787 from partner sites to Everett, Wash., for assembly. The Dreamlifter is not certified to carry passengers beyond essential crew. It has completed 437 flight test hr. and 639 hr. of ground testing since first flight on Sept 9, 2006. With certification achieved, operation of the Dreamlifter fleet soon will be assumed by Oregon's Evergreen International Airlines. Jun 6, 2007

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is seeking two dedicated freighters to meet increased European demand for transport of fresh produce. Jun 5, 2007


FedEx signed a new 30-year lease agreement yesterday with the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority under which it will pay more than $240 million over the life of the contract to control a 30.5-million-sq.-ft. area at Memphis International. The agreement goes into effect Jan. 1 and replaces one that had been in place since 1979. FedEx will pay $7.9 million next year, with annual payments rising...

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