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China and Japan reached an air services agreement yesterday that provides for a 20% increase in the number of passenger flights between the countries and a doubling of cargo services, Reuters reported. Thirteen carriers from each country will have access, up from the current six. The number of permitted flights will rise to 547 per week, with Chinese carriers operating 300. Jul 14, 2006

Cargo crashes more likely to cause fatalities, report finds. Crashes involving cargo aircraft are 50% more likely to result in fatalities than crashes of passenger planes, a newspaper investigation found. Still, regulators have not boosted efforts to improve the safety of cargo planes. Jul 10, 2006


Boeing sees, in its Current Market Outlook, cargo traffic will rise at a rate of 6.1% per year, according to the forecast. The freighter fleet will double from 1,790 units today to 3,560 in 2025, accompanied by a shift toward widebody freighters. With 1,200 retirements, around 3,000 freighters will be added. Most of these will be converted from passenger and combi aircraft, with 770 new production aircraft. Jul 12, 2006

Boeing, Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo looks to modernize as competition heats up. Lufthansa Cargo is evaluating replacement of its 19 MD-11 freighters, which have an average age of eight years, as it looks to brace itself for tough competition in the years ahead. Lufthansa 's Koepfle didn't specify a possible replacement type but admitted, "there is not much choice anyway." The 747-400ERF, 747-8 or 777F are LHC's most realistic options. Koepfle also said the 747 must have a nose door to be considered and that LHC no longer wants a mixed freighter fleet and is not interested in passenger-to-freighter conversions like several of the MD-11Fs it currently operates. He is not interested in the A380F: "So far, only integrators like FedEx have ordered the A380F. Jul 14, 2006

China Airlines

China Airlines will launch a new cargo service between Taipei and Hanoi from July 19. Initially the service will be weekly with a 747-400F as part of the carrier's Taipei-Penang service. Jul 13, 2006


DHL yesterday opened an expanded facility in Denpasar's cargo terminal, consolidating its sales...

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