An ailing industry: health care reform we support.


Today we are witnessing an intensified focus and debate on health care in America. The chamber has a long record of policy and activism in the health care arena. There is no magic solution, but rather a series of measures that will be necessary to transform health care in the United States.

* A fundamental change in the way health care is purchased by all payers. Payment for episodes and outcomes, risk adjusted for medical conditions

* Transparency throughout the supply chain, from initial suppliers of medical components and services to the end patient, on a comparative basis. This should include quality, price, and relative efficacy of technologies, equipment, services and procedures.

* A massive simplification of requirements, processes and standards in the health care sector. Sensible standards for safety and quality, insurance marketing and sales, billing and collection, and a straightforward requirement of minimum insurance coverage rather than individual requirements of fifty different states.

* Interoperable, interchangeable health information systems and electronic medical records. Including interoperability across systems and networks, efficient, accurate, secure transfer of information among providers serving the same patient, and patient ease of access to his/her records.


* A fundamental...

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