Financial management Web site opens: the AICPA creates a hub for members in business and industry to connect with colleagues, keep current on business ideas and access tools and research.


The AICPA is committed to supporting its members in business and industry, and therefore, the Financial Management Center has been created with the needs of these members in mind. Financial executives' and financial managers' responsibilities are vast and cannot be neatly described through titles. Human resources issues, corporate governance, organization vision and direction, along with traditional financial responsibilities, all fall within the financial executive's role in an organization. "As management concepts and practices continue to evolve, so will the Financial Management Center--all in the spirit of supporting our members to grow the beans of their companies, organizations and governments," said John F. Morrow, CPA, AICPA vice-president, new finance.

The center's objective is to help our members retool and continuously develop new skills to meet the demands of their expanding roles as strategic business partners and advisers in their organizations. The educational content focuses not only on traditional accounting knowledge, but also includes the new finance, a term created by the AICPA to define the management of process, technology and resources--all areas of interest for CPAs who practice in companies, not-for-profit organizations and governments across the country. The new finance encompasses subjects such as shareholder value creation, capacity management, competitive intelligence, just-in-time production systems and value-chain analysis.

"We have worked hard to increase the value propositions for our members in business and industry, and the Financial Management Center does just that," says Stuart Benton, CPA, chairman of the Business & Industry Executive Committee. "It creates a stopping point on the Web where CPAs in business and industry can find research tools, guidance and reference materials. Furthermore, the center starts to create a sense of community for this very diverse group of CPAs."

We welcome your comments and thoughts about the center as well as suggestions on the kind of information you need from us to help you perform optimally in your organization. Please feel free to write to us at

Visit the Financial Management Center: fmcenter.


The Financial Management Center is a Web site...

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