'AI Principles: Recommendations on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence by the Department of Defense,'.

This 11-page report was released in November with little fanfare. It came to the forefront when the Pentagon adopted some of its recommendations in late February.

The report, the result of a 15-month study, sought to give the Defense Department a foundation of ethical, legal and policy frameworks as the use of AI becomes more prevalent in the military.

"Now is the time, at this early stage of the resurgence in interest in AI, to hold serious discussions about norms of AI development and use in a military context," the report said.

The board had 12 recommendations. In February, the department had refined them and adopted five new principles. The department promised to be:

Responsible. Personnel will exercise appropriate levels of judgment and care, while remaining responsible for the development, deployment and use of AI capabilities.

Equitable. The department will take deliberate steps to minimize unintended bias in AI capabilities.

Traceable. The department's AI capabilities will be developed and deployed such that relevant personnel possess an appropriate understanding...

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