AI DEPLOYMENTS MORE DIFFICULT THAN EXPECTED: Companies find implementation is a tough challenge.

AuthorSalierno, D.

Business leaders seem to be undergoing a reality check when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). Only 4% of executives surveyed for PwC's 2020 AI Predictions report plan to deploy AI enterprisewide this year. In a similar poll the firm conducted last year, nearly five times as many said they planned to deploy AI at scale in 2019.

Despite the decline in rollout expectations, 90% of the more than 1,000 U.S. business and technology executives surveyed say the technology offers more benefits than risks. Moreover, 18% say their organization has already implemented AI in multiple areas, 13% plan to do so, 42% are investigating its use, and 23% have conducted pilots within discrete areas. Nearly half expect AI to disrupt their geographical markets, the sectors in which they operate, or both.

The main reason for executives' retrenchment compared to last year, PwC says, is that companies have realized they need to tackle the fundamentals of AI before getting fully up to speed. With that in mind, the...

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