AuthorMichael Sanford Stone
ProfessionB.A. from Hamilton College and a J.D. from Emory University School of Law
have spent over 30 years in the licensing business, in large part
assisting brand owners in developing, implementing, and ma n-
aging their licensing progra ms and have been involved with many
groundbreaking licensing initiatives over this time, working with
some incredibly talented professionals, experts in so many dier-
ent elds. Yet writing this book has been a journey of discovery and
learning for me. Among the many things t hat have struck me is
the innovative thinking and creativity that is so frequently appar-
ent in the licensing business, as well as the pace of change in how
consumers purchase goods and how retailing is conducted. I see
evidence of this almost every t ime I pick up a trade or consumer
publ icat ion (ta ke no te of m any o f my fo otnot es). It only s tren gth ens
my be lief that smar t bra nds wil l cont inue to th rive in ne w way s and
that licensing is a strong path to engaging consumers a nd to sup-
porting a brand’s promise. So many things going on today exem-
plify licensing at its best or demonstrate market dynamics aecti ng
licensing that I have had great dicult y nally “putting my pencil
down” and delivering my manuscript to the publisher.
So I have decided that I’m not going to “put my pencil down.”
I will continue to write about licensing activations that il lustrate

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