Afternoons with Harvey Beam.

Author:Montgomery-Rodgers, Letitia
Position:Brief article - Book review

Carrie Cox; AFTERNOONS WITH HARVEY BEAM; Fremantle Press (Fiction: General) 17.99 ISBN: 9781925591088

Byline: Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

When Harvey Beam discovered his talent for talk radio, he poured himself into work, launching himself from remote Shorton to glittering Sydney to become a national star.

But his star is waning, and all he left behind isn't waiting where he left it. Not exactly. His family, even his backwater hometown, have moved on without him. And now his father's about to do the same by dying, and "for some people -- plenty of people, he imagines -- that's a big deal." Harvey is about to find out for himself in Carrie Cox's Afternoons with Harvey Beam.

Harvey Beam is self-involved. On the air, that's his greatest strength; everywhere else, it's his greatest weakness. Harvey's family relationships, marriage, connection with his two daughters, friendships -- and now his work -- have steadily dwindled; he's avoided examining the paradox, but he can't avoid it any more. Faced with job termination, he's fleeing Sydney for his hometown because, ready or not, the "answer to...

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