After the pink slip.

Position:Lee Hecht Harrison Inc. services - Brief Article

LEE HECHT HARRISON, A NATIONAL PERSONNEL-SERVICES FIRM WITH AN office in Cherry Creek, began one recent press release with the exhortation, "If you're holding one of the pink slips being passed out..."

Reading that, you really didn't want to read any further for fear of jinxing your own job.

But if you already are holding one of those pink slips and you are a techie, you might check out the Colorado Software and Internet Association's new Web-based career center. The address is, from which you go to the career center.

Gayle St. John, CSIA finance director, who has monitored the site since its launch in February, said 99 individuals have so far posted resumes, and 38 company members of the association have posted jobs. In mid-April, the site had 10 open jobs available, said St. John.

Individuals can post resumes for free, but companies eventually will be charged a fee.

The association has about 360 member companies.


If you did read further in that Lee Hecht Harrison...

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